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i can haz medium format!

Introducing the oldest newest toy. And the "i can haz medium format?" talk, which lead to getting this. I'm not quite sure it actually takes photos (yet), but toys are always nice. And the Mat's viewfinder is such a revelation!
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mike tasting mike tasting

Right, so I have this new camera! And this image is fresh off this new camera!

Pentax K200D has support for DNG raw files (as opposed to proprietary raw formats -- with DNG, I can ufraw, gimp etc.), CCD-shift shake reduction (as opposed to image stabilisation in the lens), some good amount of sealing against weather, dust-proof-edness, and it takes AA cells (as opposed to proprietary cells, and AA cells are easier to find). Voting with money. (Not my money, not so far -- until I pay the funding dude.) Everything's okay so far.

I wish it had a larger viewfinder, a separate thumb-wheel on the back for aperture control, CMOS sensor instead of the CCD one, but then it would become a Pentax K20D. The K200D would do just fine since I am not too sure if I deserve to spend any amount on a camera. The K20D has too many megapixels, and it weighs more. I mean, that cannot be good for the pack-light traveler within.

Right, Pentax lenses are hard to come by around here, but that is okay. Anything that should discourage obsessive compulsive lens buying disorder is okay.


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