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sajith: you?
sidharth: bit lost
sidharth: but otherwise fine
sidharth: :P
sajith: which bit? msb or lsb?
sajith: so you're 7-bit now?
sidharth: he he
sidharth: 64-1
sidharth: actually

(Sorry for the interruption. Regular programming containing deep intellectual stuff may or may not resume now.)
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(Manasarovar picture by Vivek, posted with permission. © 2007 Vivek Shenai.)

Vivek is back from a month of Kailas-Manasarovar Yatra! Picture set, with a very Vivek-ish commentary, here. (He wonders if he’d have taken better pictures with that Canon 30D which he planned to buy before leaving. I want to disagree - it’s rarely ever about the camera. And he’s probably right when he says an SLR would have been a liability in that kind of weather.)

Meanwhile The Enlightened One had been wandering all over Eastern Europe, while sending us short email commentaries from the hostels and other random places they crashed into. Soon he’s off to someplace in Southeast Asia.

I’m so bloody jealous of these guys.

I had been wondering about the purpose and direction of it all for quite some time now. The weekend was the worst in recent times - contemplating what/where/how/when/why over long walks and a very broody book. I think I’ll wonder less now. Traveling in the Himalayas is the greatest joy and the most peaceful experience I’ve ever known in my adult life so far.
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shiv: So I kinda like this place
shiv: We have ties with all major univs in the US except MIT
shiv: So something good will turn up
shiv: and maybe they can fund my camera
shiv: I just have to put it in the equipments needed list
sajith: you evil dude!
shiv: I am soooo evil
shiv: I am Mugambo of Coimbatore

(Token post for June - I just could not allow it to pass like that. Noticed that I'd been silent here for over a month, which probably is a Good Thing. Maybe even an Accomplishment. Thanks to the four gentle souls that nudged!)
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Mash and M

All of a sudden the Internet shrunk the world we live in (yes, big news, I know.) What was previously considered to be your local, somewhat private, cherishments, has gone global. What do I know, it probably is a Good Thing too.

In other news, a Cuban expatriate Spanish teacher living somewhere in Florida in the United States thought of sketching a Kunjunni Mash, someone she's never even heard of previously. She says, "I never knew about him. But I immediately love those who write, and I love them even more if they do it for children. I too have memories of authors from my childhood."

And that, "My sketch was most impersonal although I enjoyed the soothing features of his face, the fluffiness of his beard and his kind and slightly surprised eyes. The look on his face was the most childlike I've seen (coming from an older person)."

Man. We are watching a revolution or what?

Other featured artist is my friend Roopashree who is holding her first exhibition of oil paintings - April 8 Saturday to 11 Tuesday, 11 am to 7pm, at the following address:
Virtuoso Art Gallery,
199-f Nilgiris Basement,
27th Cross, 3rd Block, Jayanagar,
Bangalore - 560011.
Please show up and give Roopa a pat or two on her back. Apparently art is The Big Investment for all these moneybags these days. I hope she will make a lot of money from sale of the paintings. Good luck, Roopa!


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