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Chuck Norris's email client.

Thunderbird Chuck Norris can fetch more emails than the server has.
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malayalam numerals

Malayalam numerals and counterparts. Awesomeness.
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All your keys are belong to us.

Indian Railways' entry for thedailywtf: I am not permitted to press even the famous "any" key.

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LJ Talk

Oct. 13th, 2006 09:27 am
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LJ Talk

Pretty neat, no? :)

PS. Ubuntu at work. Debian at home. Also known as The Best of Both Worlds. Whee!
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In which the protagonist is home alone and greps source codes for pr0n. And the computer plays moral police. Hahahaha.

(Actually, I was merely looking at gaim source code. You don't to believe me? You don't have to believe me. I grep and I grope the internets for pr0n. Just like everybody else.)

In other news, both my bank accounts do not allow me to login to their online services. When I try to call customer support on the number given in the debit card, phone company announces that the number has been changed. But they would not tell me rightaway, they will only respond to text message. So I send message, and their reply message says that they don't know the new number. So I grep the internets, find the phone banking number, punch through an labyrinthine IVR system that ultimately leads to nowhere, and finally give up in a state of heightened frustration. There is a form in the bank's website to request login reenabling. It requires me to enter my customer id. Customer id is eight digits, but the form will take only seven.

And so on, ad infinitum. I don't have the lifetime enough to put down it all.

Turns out that software is only adding to the brokenness of the universe. Damn.


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