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hotel room chronicle

Shoo, po!  Bloody nuisance! Not interested!  We aren’t done with the old year yet! 

We still aren’t done with all the nothing we wanted to do in the last year, err, this year… err, whatever.

Et tu?

Dec. 12th, 2008 11:22 pm
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In one of the rare, weak moments when ad blocker / ad blocker plus were turned off and I was not logged into the site, I found these big banner ads on my livejournal page. Two of them, on top and bottom respectively. It read thusly:

How I Lost 17 Pounds of Stomach Fat in 9 Weeks!

With the accompanying shot of a female's bikini-clad torso. I mean, how embarrassing. Livejournal was so beautiful once upon a time. Now I can't help thinking that it's become the Internet's equivalent of a flea-infested stinky dog.

I shouldn't be complaining with this gratis account and all, but still. Nostalgia can't be anybody's exclusive forte.
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Happy Vishu.

Vishu is the traditional harvest festival back home. However, we've also been hearing that harvests are rarely worth celebrating for most farmers of our country. Although we're all really busy learning about the latest on Paris Hilton, everyday state of the stock market, flamboyant lifestyles of the rich and famous, greedy pigs in cricket and elsewhere, India shining and leaping and jumping with joy overall, and various such matters of importance from the English language press. We've been hearing about this farmer stuff also.

I'd like more people to read Kousik Nandy's story of a farmer far away. And follow P Sainath's series on agrarian crisis in Andhra Pradesh, Vidarbha, Wayanad and elsewhere.


If you happen to see a little Nokia cell phone limping along on Mysuru-Bengaluru route, please tell him that I'm worried about him, so please hurry home.


Been to Bylakuppe. I must say I'm mightily confused by our Tibetan friends (still) selling made-in-China water guns and such. Survival is important, and there's really no metaphor in this, I guess. How is our position (= that of the political leadership of our country) any different?


Apr. 2nd, 2008 09:01 pm
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The IETF SIP crowd's idea of All Fool's Day fun was really really really cute.

   SIP version 2.0, originally defined in RFC 2543 and updated by RFC 
   3261 [RFC3261], has become quite popular among the "in" crowd.  It 
   has, however, not been used in a way that people think it should 
   be used, and has several problems caused by the growth in 
   complexity of the protocol, ambiguity in usage, lack of security, 
   and need for backwards compatibility.  This draft makes no serious 
   attempt to fix any of that.  Instead, this draft is aimed at 
   creating a new version of SIP, so that manufacturers can sell new 
   equipment and software, to help the global economy.  This in turn 
   will increase tax revenue for governments, which eventually may 
   lead to increased funds for feeding children.  Therefore the 
   ultimate goal of this draft is to feed starving children.

The draft is exactly 42 pages, for obvious reasons. It is laden with all sorts of insider jokes. Quite a riot nevertheless.

Also see:


Oct. 4th, 2007 07:49 pm
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./ 10th

Memorabilia: The History of the World, as seen through /.

(And Sputnik’s 50th too! Man. Whatever happened to all that excitement, so present in old Russian stuff, and Sagan, Asimov, Kubrick, Tarkovsky etc etc stuff?)

Of stuff: I’m reading The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana - lot of stuff, in that “erudite” Eco-style. Reading at a good pace. Yay to no-Internet, yay to no-pr0n, yay to leeching on to office Internet.

Whew, leeches. A million of them slimy guys in the jungles collected a mega-gallon of our blood on Saturday, in our Pakshipathalam (mis)adventure. I’m not eating ice cream with litchi anymore. Scratch that, I’m not eating ice cream anymore.

Visit to Uravu, and climbing up the closest hill, also should be mentioned.

Ore Kadal is merely passable - characters speaking some sort of printed language all the time, since when that’s started making “brilliant” movies? Just think about it, a Padmarajan could have created sheer poetry out of this kind of stuff. (Or Wong Kar-Wai, just to show off that I’ve seen Wong Kar-Wai movies.) Besides, this isn’t the first time we see Mammootty doing a “guy with a seemingly tough shell, who’s afraid of love” character. Come on. (And, when did “Anantapadma” movie house in Kalpetta become “Anantaveera”? Certainly not in my younger years...)

Thank you bird, you kept your word. :-)


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